The goal of this podcast is to bring awareness to missing persons and unsolved cases.  With this in mind, it is important to review these cases periodically to keep them fresh in the mind of the public.  In this episode, we perform a quick review of these cases as follows:

Episode 1:

Ronnie Parrot, Tiffani Streling

Episode 2:

Shae Holloway, Diana Dawn Vicari, Isabel Celis

Episode 3:

Veronica Sue James, Kyron Horman

Episode 4:

Tony Bowers, Lindsey Baum

Episode 5:

Ivy Marie Leinen

Episode 6:

Cecilia Cabrera, Ember Graham

Episode 7:

Richard Kirk, Christopher Abeyta

Episode 8:

Deasia Watkins

Episode 9:

Megan McDOnald, Christina White, Sean Brady, Kacie Peterson

Please rate and review our podcast on iTunes, it helps a lot to get the word out there about these cases. Maybe YOU can help solve these crimes or find these people. Contact us if you have any information on any of our cases. Remember, stay focused, it could be your neighbor!

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