Jose Merced Rodriguez

Photo credit to Times News

Photo credit to Times News


In the early morning hours of August 2, 2008, a white male, acting alone entered the home of Jose and Karina Rodriguez in the neighborhood of 100 W. 270 North in Rupert, Idaho. He proceeded to attack the couple, leaving one dead.  The man attacked Jose with something akin to a baseball bat, unfortunately, Jose did not survive.  Karina was severely beaten and she claims the man tried to sexually assault her.  Thankfully, Karina was able to get away and ran to a neighbor’s home for help.  Reports state that Karina ran to the neighbor, nude and covered in blood, where she screamed for help until they opened their door.

Authorities have thoroughly investigated this case, ruling out any relation to drugs or gangs. Robbery, as well, is an unlikely motive at this point. Jose was a hard worker, he worked at Blincoe Farms from early morning until after sunset.  Karina stayed close to home, both of them associated mostly with family and close friends.  Neither of them were known to engage in risky behaviors such drugs nor heavy drinking.

Karina passed a polygraph test and has been cleared of any involvement in her husband’s death.

The suspect is described as a Caucasian or light-skinned Hispanic man, 5’10” – 6’2” tall, approximately 190 pounds. He was estimated to be 30-35 years old at the time, making him 40-45 years old now.

If you have any information, please call the Mini-Cassia Crime Stoppers at 208-436-5353 or you can always email us here at the podcast at and we will help however we can.