Melissa Dawn Kincaid


According to the county coroner, Melissa Dawn Kincaid was brutally murdered at some point during the night of September 5, 2015.  Her husband called 911 at approximately 9:30 am on the morning of Sept 6th, claiming that his wife was unresponsive.


According to Ronnie Kincaid Jr., he and his wife had returned from a date on September 5th at which time they engaged in rough or “bloody” sex.  The coroner testified that consensual intercourse could not have committed the trauma to her vaginal and anal cavities. Reports claim that a foreign object was used to penetrate her, causing the extensive damage and that she likely bled to death in 15 minutes.


Kincaid claims that when he came out of the room at roughly 2 am, he asked his son Ronnie Kincaid III, to check on Melissa.  It was at that time that they put her in the shower “to try and wake her up.”  They subsequently covered her with a blanket and put her in bed.  Kincaid Sr. states that he then lay down next to her and fell asleep and when he awoke the next morning she was unresponsive.


The first officer on the scene observed that Melissa had been washed.  The blood patterns on her body were consistent with someone trying to wash her, although unsuccessfully, her hair was wet and there were wet towels on the bathroom floor. In addition, the officer observed blood in the hallway as well as outside the residence.


This is an active investigation and I will continue to provide more details as they become available.  I am currently gathering information on the parties involved and will upload details as I come across them.