Tiffani Streling



Tiffani Streling was last seen on May 16, 2015 at 1750 Oakley Ave in Burley, Idaho. She was last seen by her boyfriend James McLaws.  Tiffani was still emotionally close to her ex-boyfriend, Jordan, with whom she had a baby with. Unfortunately, her young daughter passed away in 2014 at only 28 days old from an illness she could not recover from. Tiffani and Jordan were still somewhat emotionally (romantically) involved.  When James asked Tiffani to move in with him, they went to her father's house to gather her belongings; at which time they found Jordan hiding in a closet.  Jordan had been staying at the house for the past few days.  Tiffani's father asked Jordan to leave, which he did. When Jordan left the house no one saw where he went, he didn't have a car so he simply just walked away.

When James and Tiffani left at approximately 3:30pm, James claims that Jordan followed them to James' house.  The distance isn't but just a few blocks. When Jordan confronted James and Tiffani at James' house, Tiffani told them to figure it out among themselves and she went to take a shower. 

James took Jordon in his car down to a  nearby boat dock where they discussed Jordan and Tiffani's relationship. James then took Jordan to Storybook park in Burley. 

From here, the story gets fuzzy. The only story we have comes from James. Later that night, James went to Tiffani's father's house, crying and saying he would never hurt her. She was gone. The next day Tiffani's father and stepmother go to file a missing person's report; however, the police department informed them that James had already done so. 

Early in the week, the parents hire a private investigator.  On May 23rd, a family friend suggested they go look around at a popular hangout called The Tree.  At the tree, they find a pair of pants and a pair of socks that the family believes belonged to Tiffani.  They give the clothes to the PI, who turns them over to the police. The police do not do any testing, claiming they had been wet. 

There are a lot of questions, theories, and then even more questions. The story does not make sense. 

Mike and I are working closely with the family to learn as much as we can about this case; however, for sake of the investigation, there are a lot of facts that I cannot release here.  We will keep you updated with as much information as we can allow. 

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  Our investigation photos and videos

Last place Tiffani was seen.  James lived in the basement apartment.  Besides the theory she walked away and was abducted from the street.


This image shows the rear of the house.  Keep in mind the tree cover would not be quite that full but do you think someone could remove Tiffani without neighbors seeing?

10/22 Trip to Burley, Heyburn

NOT the car but exact model and color that the dogs indicated on.

To the right of this picture there is a small hill only maybe 4 feet high, that is where the clothes were laid out.  The clothes were clean, no blood only wet because it had been raining.  Someone not familiar with investigation picked up the clothes and bagged them and then took them to the family.

The Tree in Heyburn, Idaho

This is the largest pond near the tree.  The drainage canal drains into these ponds and goes back out into the river. This pond is not the pond that the cadaver dogs indicated on, that pond is behind me. The ponds look relatively the same, this is just the largest one. So you can see that the moss and reeds make it very difficult to see into the pond.

Ponds at the Tree

It's been a question whether or not, at the time, the suspect could drive a car down these roads without bottoming out. Unfortunately, the photos don't do it justice.

After Mike scanned the ponds

This is all you see when you drive past the ponds. Many people did not even know they were there.

Scanning for depth at river shore

This was one of the bones that was found in the animal den.  The bone identifier said the diameter was close (for it to be human) but that they needed a closer look.  In the end, the dog did not indicate that this was human. 

This was another bone we found in that den, it was identified as probably a deer pelvis.