Thirty two year old Ashley Simpson was last heard from on April 27, 2016.  Ashley was living, with her boyfriend Derek Favell,  in the Salmon Arm area of British Columbia when family says she had planned on moving back to Ontario to start a summer job.  Salmon Arm is closer to the west coat of Canada whereas Ontario on on the eastern side of the country.  A webpage for Ashley states that she also had intended to attend her sister’s bridal shower.  A note on the webpage also states that Ashley was going to take a bus to Niagara on the lake, which is on the southern border of Canada near the western side of New York state.  However, Ashley didn’t have the money for the trip.  It was at that point that all communication stopped.  Her family claims she stopped answering calls and there was no activity on her Facebook page. 

Family traveled all the way from Ontario to Salmon Arm (a 4000 mile trip) to pass out flyers and do some searching.  Ashley’s cousin Rose writes a blog about Ashley, we will put a link to her page in the Facebook group when we put up Ashley’s photos.  According to Rose, police thoroughly investigated Ashley’s boyfriend as well as her landlord Brent Cox and his family.  Ashley and Derek rented a trailer on Brent Cox’s property.  Brent Cox is a single father and the police took all of their cell phones, searched the rest of the property, and obtained information from the home's router.  Ashley apparently used the family’s wifi daily to talk to family and access Facebook. 


Rose stated that Brent took a polygraph test and was cleared; however Ashley’s boyfriend Derek has yet to take a polygraph as of February of 2017.  Police have not named him a suspect and they claim they don’t have any evidence to suggest he committed any crime.   Although I have to mention that Rose points out the fact that since Ashley disappeared, four more women have gone missing, including a woman who lived across the street. She says, THIS in a community of only 16,000 people.  My jaw just dropped when I read that. 

Rose claims that Ashley and Derek tended to fight a lot, mostly about money.  As a result, Ashley was trying to decide what would be best for her, to stay where she was or go home and work a summer job near her family.  Rose says that Brent (the landlord and longtime friend of Derek) told her that the last day someone remembers seeing Ashley, her and Derek had a fight and he went to bed.  Ashley, reportedly left on foot carrying her pink suitcase and her cell phone.  She apparently texted Derek that she was leaving, that she was planning on going home.  Ashley had left before, although only temporarily, so Derek wasn’t too worried until she didn’t return.  Derek then called a cousin of Ashley’s who then called her family and then Ashley’s mother called the police. 

There are a lot of comments and personal stories about Ashley on Rose’s blog, I highly recommend checking it out.   If you have any information about Ashley’s disappearance, please contact Crime Stoppers at 1800-222-8477 or the RCMP at (250) 832-6044.  

This picture was taken by Mike Sarrazin on April 27, 2016, the last day Ashley Simpson was seen by Derek.