Episodes aired in May 2017

episode 28 - New Mexico (part one)

In the first segment of this episode, we discuss different public alerts including the Amber Alert, the Silver Alert as well as the blue and yellow alert.  


Cindy Rivera - missing possibly murdered

Cindy Rivera

In part one of this multi-part series, Mike, Shane and I discuss Cindy Rivera, who disappeared June 30, 2012 from her home/place of work in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Cindy called her mother around 3am because Cindy's ex-husband was drunk and harassing her there at the house. Cindy's mom, not alarmed, did not go back to the house that night.  The family reports that Cindy's mom was involved in drug activity and is uncooperative with the investigation.  She also does not engage in any of the search efforts for her daughter.  According to the family, Cindy's father went to the home the following morning and finding the scene as it was, called Cindy's mom who returned to the home.  

Cindy's infant son was found on the floor in the bathroom alone and Cindy was nowhere to be seen. The family reports that police later found Cindy's ex-husband's vehicle and discovered blood and hair in the trunk. Police also retrieved voicemails from Cindy's phone, which was found at the home. There was a woman's voice in the background of the voicemails.  Although police claim to have evidence, they need more. No one has been charged in this case. What happened to Cindy Rivera?

There is a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for Cindy's disappearance. If you have information that can help bring this case to a close please call the Missing person hotline at 1-800-457-3463 or the New Mexico State Police in Las Vegas at (505) 425-6771.

Episode 28 New Mexico Part Two

Melanie McCracken

Stephanie Houston

Patrick Murillo

On August 5, 1995, 24 year old Melanie McCracken, the wife of a New Mexico state police officer, had been dead for quite some time when paramedics put her body on the stretcher. Her husband, Mark McCracken had rolled their car while driving to the hospital after claiming to have found Melanie not breathing 45 minutes before the accident, less than five miles from the accident scene. After a long drawn out process, Mark was eventually indicted on murder charges but they were dismissed by the judge. There is a lot more to this story, you gotta hear it for yourself!

In the second segment of the episode, Shane tells us about the death of 27 year old Stephanie Houston. On the night of her death (2/27/2000), her lover, a married man named Patrick Murillo, attacked her on the dance floor because he was jealous that she was dancing with a male friend of hers. At about 2 am, Stephanie's friend witnessed Patrick zoom forward in his truck, striking Stephanie and running her over. Patrick was taken in for questioning but with Mark McCracken on his side, Patrick never faced murder charges. He was ultimately found guilty of vehicular manslaughter and later committed suicide.

episode 29 Georgia

Unsolved Murder?

Doris Worrell

Thirty nine year old Doris Worrell was shot at her family's business, Jon's Sport Park on September 20, 2006. The family had taken in a 15 year old undocumented girl who had been abandoned and was looking for help. The girl remained with the family, eventually becoming their nanny. Doris told her sister that the young girl, Paola Yarberry was causing a lot of strife in their marriage. After Doris was shot, Paola was deported and eventually, Jon took his kids and relocated to Venezuela, where Paola lived. They are recognized by the locals as being married. Two men had been arrested on conspiracy to commit murder charges but ultimately nothing came from it.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office at(912) 384-4227 or the Georgia Bureau of Investigation at (912) 389-4103.



Joshua Scott Adams

Joshua Scott Adams was last seen on surveillance cashing a stolen personal check for $400 after his father found his car abandoned on a piece of property owned by the family.

Josh's father found his car, along with his cell phone, as well as his wallet with a small amount of cash. Looking through his cell phone, police determined he had received and made several phone calls that morning. Josh had recently come home from a six week stay at a rehab facility in southwest Michigan and the family fears he may have gotten involved with drugs again. However, we discuss the possibility that perhaps he owed someone money from before he left. There is a lot more to this story, hopefully you will listen to the episode.

The family has a private tipline if you have information about Josh. You can call the tipline anonymously if you so choose at 706-367-3784, or you can contact the Jackson County Sheriff at 706-387-6043