January 2017 Episodes




Craig Price

Rebecca Spencer

Joan, Jennifer, & Melissa Heaton

We talk about the youngest serial killer in America, Craig Price. Before Price turned 16, he had already killed 4 people. His first victim, Rebecca Spencer, had been stabbed 58 times when Price was only 13 years old. Two years later, while attempting to burglarize a home in the middle of the night, Price woke up Joan Heaton and her two daughters, he ended up stabbed them over a combined 120 times.

Kathy Perry

In September 1986, in the early morning hours, 20 year old Kathy Perry was found bludgeoned to death in an industrial area not far from where she was last seen. Despite dozens of interviews, the police didn't have any solid leads. In 2006, police received an anonymous tip but it didn't go anywhere. However, this led investigators to look at the case again. One investigator created a Facebook page and quickly received a lot of friendly information. In 2016, police were provided a tip that led them to a person of interest. Nothing further has been released. Mike talks about the use of technology to locate either a victim or a suspect.

Donald Joseph Connell was last seen on December 2, 1986. He left his parent's home to walk to his sister's house but he never arrived. Newport Police Dept 401-847-1306

Katrina McVeigh

Katrina McVeigh was last seen on May 3, 1992 in Woonsocket. Her mother received a call at one point from someone claiming that they will never find Katrina's body. Katrina's brother found clothes along the Blackstone River and the family believes they belong to Katrina. Woonsocket Police Department 401-769-4444



Crime connection

Jasmine Richardson

Jeremy May (Steinke)

Marc, Debra, Jacob Richardson

12 year old Jasmine Richardson, who along with her 22 year old boyfriend Jeremy May (Steinke) kill her family (mom, dad, & 8 yr old brother) so they can escape the confines of childhood and be together. Yeah, that didn't work out so well for them. Because Canada's Youth justice act does not charge juveniles under the age of 14 as adults, Jasmine (known as JR) was sentenced to 10 years. She spent four years in a psychiatric hospital...where did he spent the rest of her time??? Listen and let us know if you agree with Canada's justice policies. THIS EPISODE CONTAINS GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS OF THE CRIME SCENE, LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

Don and Roxanne Carlson

In our unsolved crime segment, Mike and I discuss the mysterious deaths of Don and Roxanne Carlson. Police initially thought they were responding to a carbon monoxide poisoning situation but quickly realized that wasn't the case. Police are looking for three men who they would like to question about their activities on that day. The composite sketches are from witnesses who saw two men in the area the day the couple was found. The photo of the man is someone who rented a truck with fraudulent identification and credit cards and witnesses say they saw a truck matching the description of the rented truck in the area about the time the couple was found. If you have any information please call the Calgary police homicide unit at 403-428-8877 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS

Ep 15 - Canada Ashley Simpson was last seen on April 27, 2016 in the Salmon Arm area of British Columbia. She had a very tumultuous relationship with her boyfriend Derek and after having a long argument she is reportedly to have packed a bag and left on foot. She hasn't been seen since.

Her hometown newspaper has started a three part series about her life and disappearance...it's well worth the read. http://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/ There is a description in there where her boyfriend spit in her face, are you kidding me?

interviews with ashley's family



crime connection

Jody Herring

Desiree Herring

Lara Sobel

In our Crime Connection segment, Mike and I discuss Jody Herring and the day she allegedly shot four people, including the state case worker from the Department of Children and Family services. Her attorney claims she is incompetent to stand trial but if the judge insists on moving forward, her attorney plans on using the insanity defense. Mental health plays a significant role in our court processes, maybe some day we will talk more about that specifically.


In our unsolved segment we talk about Kenneth "Kenny" Jerome. Kenny was shot on July 7th, 2005 and was found behind a barn in Sheldon. Apparently Kenny had a long-term dispute with another family in the area, stemming from his relationship with his girlfriend, who was the ex-wife of one of the men he was feuding with. Authorities have not made an arrest in Kenny's death. If you have any information that could help the police solve this case please call 802-244-8781 or you can text an anonymously to VTIPS.

This week we introduced the new WANTED segment.

Philip Edward Jackman is wanted in the State of Vermont for sexual assault and failure to comply with the sex offender registry. DOB 11/24/1982 he is 6'6" and 180 pounds. He has tattoos on his left ankle, left arm, and left shoulder.

missing person

Donald Messier, 34, was last seen on October 15, 2006 at a party in Waitsfield. Donnie has a scar on his chin and surgical scars on both of his wrists from carpal tunnel surgery. Family said he was depressed from a recent divorce and may have been suicidal. However, Donnie's 1997 red Ford F150 License plate BGG890 was never found. If you know anything about Donnie's disappearance please contact the Vermont State Police or your local police department.

Marklenny Candelario, 23, was last seen on Sept 22, 2011 in Bronx, NY.  She had recently moved from NY to Vermont to escape a domestic violence situation.  On that date, she left her 14 month old with a trusted individual in Vermont and she took her oldest child to his father in Bronx, NY (she flew).  He told investigators she said she was going to the Dominican Embassy to correct an issue with her passport but there is no evidence to suggest she did so.  Her backpack was found on a bug terminal platform in Massachusetts.  A relative reported that Marklenny contacted her and told her that she was being held against her will in New York.  Unfortunately, that is all the info we have at this time.  If you  have any information please contact your local police department or the Vermont state police at 802-244-8781.   


Episode 17 was a review of the first nine episodes.  Our goal is to keep these cases in the light so we briefly went over the unsolved cases, missing persons, and other cases that had updates.