Episodes aired in April 2017 

Episode 26 - Iowa

Crime Connection

Sandra Cheskey

Phil Hamman

Fryer brothers

On November 17, 1973 Sandra Cheskey, Roger Essem, brothers Dana and Stewart Baade and Michael Hadrath went to Gitchie Manitou park to hang out by the campfire.  A night of fun for the kids turned into a nightmare as three brothers tormented them, killing the boys and raping Sandra.  Recently, Sandra broke her silence to tell authors Phil and Sandy Hamman her story in the book, Gitchie Girl.  Check it out! 

Cold Case

Jay Grahlman

On April 5, 2003, a fire started in thehome of 38 year old Jay Grahlman. The fire inspector claims that the fire started in the utility room, just off the kitchen. Jay's girlfriend, Vicki Reed, was able to get everyone out of the house except six year old Jaymie Grahlman, she couldn't find her. Firemen found Jaymie in the bathtub, lying there as if she had just fallen asleep. Jaymie's autopsy report revealed a whole slew of physical problems, not just second and third degree burns. What happened to this young child?

A developmentally disabled neighbor was charged in the deaths of both Jay and Jaymie as well as arson but a jury acquitted him of all charges. Did Jay start this fire? Was it an accident? How did Jaymie end up in the bathtub in the middle of the night?

Episode 27 - Virginia

crime connection





On March 17, 2017, 37 year old Nicole Renee Foxx stabbed her 65 year old roommate, Richard Bielitz, in the neck with a scredriver and then repeatedly stabbed him until he was dead. Police don't have a motive yet but Foxx proceeded to rob Bielitz before telling her boyfriend and he, in turned, called police.

We also discuss 41 year old Teresa Lewis, who was found guilty for the murders for hire involving her husband and his grown son. Lewis met two men at a local Walmart and began a sexual relationship with them, together they devised a plan to kill her husband and his son. Lewis was found guilty and sentenced to death, the first woman since 1912.

The last woman sentenced to death, in 1912, was 17 year old Virginia Christian. Christian was a black slave and when she was accused of stealing a locket and a skirt and was hit with a spittoon, she, in turn, hit her employee with a broom handle and stuff a towel in her mouth, causing her to suffocate.

Lastly, we discuss the case of Estelle Jones, who shot her husband six times and then strangled her 51 year old severely disabled son. Jones tried to commit suicide but was unsuccessful. Jones was finally tired of the alcohol driven domestic abuse and simply broke down. Through the magic of the American justice system, Jones was eligible for parole after being found guilty of double homicide, after only 2 1/2 years.

Missing person

Joan Cook

Joan Renee Cook's (age 44) husband told police that Joan left her home on Sunday, January 24th, 2010 around 11:45 pm to walk to a friends house about a mile away. She never arrived. Police claim that a text message was sent approximately six hours later from an area six miles away, southbound on Interstate 81. Although the weather was warm for January, it was raining that night and days later a severe snowstorm rolled through the area. Joan's husband told police she left wearing a black jacket, red sweater, blue jeans, low top Timberland shoes, a gold ring with JRC engraved on it and a gold watch on her left arm. (wow, pretty specific) He also stated she took a green duffel bag full of clothes, makeup and a beige toiletries bag.

Episode 27 B - Virginia Route 29

Route 29 - Virginia corridor



Williams and Winans


Mike and I discuss multiple cases that occur along a stretch of highway that runs all the way from Pensacola, Florida to the Baltimore, Maryland area. However, the section that runs through Virginia is known to hold many secrets about missing and murdered women from the area. Here is a short summary of what we go over.

- March 2, 1996, Alicia Showalter Reynolds drove from her home in Baltimore to meet her mother in Charlottesville, Virginia but she did not make it. Witnesses report seeing her talking to a man alongside the highway on Route 29. Her car was found at 6pm in the area of Culpepper, Virginia. Her body was found 15 miles southeast of where her car was found. If you have any information about Alicia's killer, please call the Virginia State Police at 800-572-2260.

There were many reports of a man who was pulling women over by telling them there was a mechanical issue with their car and as many as 23 stops occurred from January 17th until the day Alicia disappeared.

- Julieanne Williams and Laura 'Lollie' Winans were found June 1st 1996 near a campsite in the Shenandoah National Park, their hands were found, they had been gagged and their throats had been slit.

- Anne Carolyn McDaniel was reported missing on September 18, 1996 after she did not return to the group home where she resided. Anne's body was found four days later in a remote area of State route 723. Anne had been bound and her body had been burned.

- Morgan Dana Harrington disappeared October 17, 2009 when she stepped out of the arena where she was attending a Metallica concert and couldn't get back in. Morgan's remains were located three months later by a rancher on his 750 acre cattle farm outside of Charlottesville. Morgan suffered multiple bone fractures and she had been sexual assaulted. They would eventually find her killer...but that is next week.

Episode 27 C - part 2 Virginia's section of Route 29

Hannah Graham

Alexis Murphy

Samantha Clark

Jesse Matthew

Randy Taylor

We picked up the continuation from part one with the disappearance of Hannah Graham. 18 year old Hannah was drinking and socializing with friends at the Downtown Mall in Charlottsville when she was approached by 32 yr old Jesse Matthew. Matthew 'forceably encouraged' Hannah into his car where he proceeded to rape and ultimately kill her, leaving her about 12 miles from where she was last seen.


We also talked about 19 yr old Samantha Clarke. Samantha told her younger brother on the night of Sept 13, 2010 that she would be right back but she never returned. She had met some new people that weekend, including Randy Taylor, who was later arrested for the rape and murder of another young girl. Samantha's body has never been found. If you have any information please call Virginia Orange Crimestoppers at 540-672-7200.


17 year old Alexis Murphy disappeared on August 3, 2013. Police followed her cell phone ping and later located her cell phone on Randy Taylor's property. Forensic testing revealed the items found inside Taylor's home belonged to Alexis. Unfortunately, Alexis' body has not been found. Taylor tried to negotiate with prosecutors, that he would tell them where Alexis was for a reduced sentence but her family did not support his proposal. Of course that means that her family does not have that closure.