November 2016

The episodes listed below were released in the calendar year - November 2016



Nathaniel Bar-Jonah was a serial offender who preyed on children. Investigators searching his apartment, after he was arrested for impersonating a police officer, found several disturbing items, including a document written in code. FBI agents took six months to decode the note, revealing recipes for cooking children. 



One of the first cases in which the FBI used offender/criminal profiling to analyze the killer's movements. David Meirhofer killed four individuals, three of which were minors. He kept the decapitated head of one of his victims in his outhouse. Why?



Someone is dismembering bodies and leaving parts in the desert. The pair of legs found a few miles up a desolate road suggests that this act of violence had probably occurred not far from where they were found. However, the rest of the body has never been found. 


this block is empty because the family does not want the story told.


Stewart Gordon Northcott took his nephew Sanford Clark from Canada to California in the late 1920s to help him on his new chicken ranch. According to Sanford, Stewart killed as many as 20 people on and off the ranch. Sanford's older sister played a significant role in rescuing Sanford the from the tortures Stewart employed. Listen to Episode 6 and hear about it for yourself. 

Cecilia Bravo Cabrera

Cecilia Bravo Cabrera went last seen in the early morning hours of Thursday June 9, 2016. She had gone to the Tachi Palace Casino, and although video surveillance show her leaving alone, she had dropped her husband off at her brother's house around 1am. Police found her burned out car a couple of hours later near an orchard near Goshen, California. If you saw anything, please contact us or call the Tulare County Sheriff's office at 559-733-6211.


Ember graham

Ember Graham's father, Matthew, reported her missing on July 2, 2015. He was arrested shortly afterward on unrelated charges and when he learned the police had a lead on her case, he fled. After stealing a car he was involved in a shootout, he was shot and killed by police. Ember remains missing. If you know anything, please contact us or call the Shasta County Sheriff's crime unit at 530-245-6135.

Heather Church, 13 yrs.

Rocio Sperry, 15 yrs

Robert Charles Browne confessed to as many as 51 murders. He was reportedly married six times, all of his ex wives claim he was excessively abusive towards them.  Heather Church's (center) remains were found two years after she went missing and it took another two years for the state to find her killer.  In an attempt to avoid the death penalty, Browne confessed to her murder.  What he didn't know at the time was that Colorado was on hiatus from employing the death penalty. He felt he was tricked into confessing. Not so much! Browne also confessed to the murder of Rocio Sperry (far right). Although Browne confessed to upwards of 51 murders, police were unable to match reports with bodies found/not found.

David Kirk

David Kirk

Richard Kirk

Richard Kirk

John Kirk

David and John Kirk were arrested and charged with second-degree murder for killing and hiding the corpse of Richard Kirk.  Richard was reported missing in January 2010.  David and John were arrested in 2016 after a search warrant was served and interviews were conducted. The problem is that police still don't know why. Do you know something?

Young Christopher Abeyta

Young Christopher Abeyta

Age-progression of Christopher

Christopher Abeyta went missing from his parents Colorado Springs home when was seven months old.  At some point during the night of July 15, 1986, Christopher was taken from his crib as his parents slept in the same room.  The family believes a woman named Emma Bradshaw (his father's former mistress) took him. Someone knows SOMETHING. Please share the story, get the word out there.  Let's hope Christopher recognizes himself. 


On March 16, 2015 the family placed a 911 call reporting that their 3 month old niece was found decapitated and was currently laying on the kitchen counter. Young Janiyah's mother, Deasia Watkins, was arrested and charged with second degree murder. Initially she was found incompetent to stand trial but in September of the same year, she was found competent and pled not guilty for reason of insanity. 


In 1976, the citizens of Circleville, Ohio, began receiving threatening letters.  The author of the letters claimed to know potentially devastating information about the recipients.  Most residents believed the letters were just harmless pranks, except one family.  Mary Gillespie's family wasn't quite so lucky. Listen to the episode and determine for yourself whether you think Paul is to blame. 


On April 1, 2006, Brian Shaffer went on a bar crawl with some friends to celebrate the beginning of spring break.  As a medical student, Brian was getting ready to begin a promising career and was planning on proposing to his girlfriend the following week.  When the group of friends finished with their pub adventure that evening, the group wasn't able to find Brian anywhere.  When police analyzed the surveillance footage from the bar they found Brian had entered the pub but never left.  What happened to Brian Shaffer?