Episodes from December 2016


New York State, United States


Wyley Gates

In Episode 9 - New York, Mike and I talk about Wyley Gates. Seventeen year old Wyley Gates shot his father, his father's girlfriend, his older brother and his 3 year old nephew in an attempt to inherit 100K. Gates confessed to the murders; however, the story doesn't make sense. In the end, because police failed to properly handle evidence, Gates was only found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and spent 8 years in prison.

Gates accomplice, Damian Rossney, spent almost twice as long in prison as Gates did.  How does that happen in our criminal justice system?


Megan McDonald

Ep. 9 - New York, we take a look at an unsolved case, in which Megan McDonald was murdered and placed near a dumpster about 4 miles from her new apartment. Her car was found on the other side of town, in another apartment complex. 


Christina White

Nineteen year old Christina White walked away from her home with a group of men after having an argument with her mother. Christina reportedly had a habit of leaving when she was distraught; however, she did not return this night. It is unclear how long she was gone before her family reported her missing. Some reports claim it was several months before police were notified. Her body was found almost a year after she was last seen in her neighborhood. Someone knows something. Check it out.


Sean J. Brady

sean j. brady

Sean J Brady, 22, was last seen on November 11, 2016 in Schodack, New York. His family believes he is not in any danger but they know he suffers from depression and has other mental health issues and they want to know he is safe. If you have seen Sean Brady, please call the missing persons clearninghouse at 800-346-3543

Kacie Peterson

kacie peterson

Kacie Peterson is a missing vulnerable adult, she was last seen on September 1, 2013.. She has amnesia and may use the alias “Kital Ryu” She may have changed her appearance. She was attending John Jay College when she went missing. Her family says she may be in need of medical attention. Please contact the Missing persons clearinghouse at 800-346-3543.


Episode 10 - Australia - daddy dearest, a dusty case, and family matters will drop tonight at midnight. We discuss, in often great graphic detail, Shannon O'Leary's book Blood on my Hands. Ms. O'Leary's father was very abusive, had multiple personality disorder and was a serial killer...and she witnessed every part of it all.


Catherine Headland

Ann-Marie Sargent

Bertha Miller


Narumol Stephenson

Joy Summers


Also, in Ep 10- Australia, Mike and I talk about the Tynong Murders... six women were found in various places near Melbourne, Australia. Police believe all but one woman were sexually assaulted. Women reported that a man dressed as a woman was offering people rides. A bus driver said that he offered more than 50 women rides but only 6 accepted. As Mike puts it, "That sounds suspiciously like the amount of women they found deceased" It remains unsolved. ***Allison Rooke, not pictured


Darwin Lee

Peyton Lee

Nathaniel Lee

Our final segment in Ep. 10 - Australia...we explain how the Australian family law court handles noncustodial abductions. We talk about the Lee family. Mr. Darwin Lee was on vacation in the United States when he spoke with family, they were supposed to be home the following day...they have not been heard from since. Did something happen to them or did Mr. Lee take the boys and go into hiding?



Jessican Jensen

Aidan Edward Bossingham

13 year old Aidan Bossingham weighed only 21 pounds when he passed away. When his mother Jessica Jensen called 911 to report that he had passed away, rigor mortis had already set in. First responders found her cradling his body on the couch. Cause of death...neglect and starvation. Aidan weighed more at four years old than he did when he was 13.


Kathy Bonderson

We also talk about Kathy Bonderson, her death was very suspicious. When it was moved to the cold case files and reopened in 2005, her ex husband killed himself before police could question him again. The police say it was because he felt guilty and closed the case. Not so fast bucko, we have a few words to say about that.


Anita Knutson

Who killed Anita Knutson...and WHY? Police have no motive. She was not sexually assaulted nor robbed. The front door was even locked when her father and the maintenance man tried to enter the apartment. This person of interest also killed himself


Reachelle Smith

Leigh Cowen

I want to scream "WHERE IS REACHELLE???" This beautiful little girl was taken in the middle of the night, most likely by someone she loved and trusted. He later killed himself as well. What in the heck is going on in North Dakota people?



Logan Shane Goodall

On September 6, 2005, two-year-old Logan Shane Goodall died as a result of head and internal injuries. Logan had also been sexually assaulted and suffered from long-term physical abuse by his mother's boyfriend, Michael Merrifield. Merrifield's father was a doctor and he had to sew a cut on the child's scrotum...and yet, he did not report the abuse to authorities.


Starina Woods

Police believe Starina 'Star' Woods was last seen alive on March 10, 2016. Star's husband, Owen Woods, claims they had a violent argument and she walked out of the house and was never seen again. He told police she had plans to go to Ecuador with another man and that she stole a large amount of money from his bank account. Investigators served a search warrant on the home and found evidence that someone had attempted to clean a significant amount of blood. Police have labeled Owen Woods a suspect but has yet to make an arrest.

Star was a victim of domestic abuse, please don't let her voice be quieted!


Aliayah Lunsford

Lena Lunsford

 Five-year-old Aliayah Lunsford's mother reported her missing on September 24, 2011. She had not disappeared, her mother killed her and hid her body.


Brenda Lee Mackey (perhaps using the last name Allen) walked away from her home on May 9, 2015, after an argument at a family gathering in Walker, West Virginia, she hasn't been seen since. If you have seen Brenda, please call the WV State Police at 304-420-4600.

Ep 13 - Kentucky

Crime Connection

Tracy Burke and her children

Karen Comer

Brent Burke

Brent Burke was ultimately found guilty of murder by a panel of officers after the Army chose to file charges following two mistrials and two hung juries in a civil court. The 911 call from nine year old Matthew is unbelievable; he explains how he and his siblings hid in a closet for nine hours before calling police.

Unsolved Murder

Professor Martha 'Bettina' Richmond was found by her husband, she had been stabbed to death in her van after she exited the Bowling Green recreation center. Police believe it was a crime of opportunity, she had no enemies of which to speak.

Missing and Murdered

Crystal Rogers

Tommy Ballard

Brooks and Nick Houck

Crystal Rogers was last seen on July 3, 2015. Her boyfriend is officially a suspect in the case and his brother, a former police officer, is thought to play a significant role in her disappearance. To make matters worse, her father was shot while out hunting with his family just before Thanksgiving this year. This is not the only case that bears suspicion in this beautiful small town in Kentucky and members of the government body fear the issues will detract from tourists.